A few blocks from his birthplace


Mistral’s Seth Greenberg and Mark Goldberg are behind The Woodward, which serves up small plates—like cheesy mushroom toast and short-rib pot roast with parsnip and carrot—that you can really sink your teeth into. Rockwell is known as an ultra-modern designer, but he’s had some fun with history here: the bedside lighting riffs on whale-oil lamps of yore, and mirrors facing the elevators make use of an old theater trick to conjure the spooky illusion of a chandelier. The house ale, created by New Hampshire’s Smuttynose brewery, is available by the growler.”

A few blocks from his birthplace, Boston’s new Ames hotel is doing its best to prove him wrong. Ames is offering introductory rates of $165 through April 5. It’s not as haute-design as the Mondrian that Morgans opened in South Beach last fall, but the Ames has its fair share of high-fashion elements, from alpaca throws to a white-on-white theme that’s offset by black-tile bathrooms and accents of cinnabar orange. Occupying the Romanesque former headquarters of the Ames farm-tool company, the 113-room downtown property (which officially opened last night) is the very chic result of a collaboration between David Rockwell and the Morgans Hotel Group—the New York-based foundingfathers, so to speak, of the boutique hotel.

I wasn’t as big a fan of the hotel’s other “chandelier,” a hanging constellation of mirror discs China Escalators Factory that partially obscures the lobby’s beautiful barrel-vaulted mosaic ceiling. One or two of those and your stay at the Ames may (sorry, Ben Franklin) be as long as a winter’s night. Photos courtesy of Ames. It’s a modern-tavern concept, with Victorian curios lining the walls and Chef Goldberg making innovative use of pickled fruits and vegetables.November 20, 2009 Ben Franklin once said that “visits should be short, like a winter’sday


As you might expect


  Though it benefits from a massive waterside terrace on a pretty slice of the 19th, PBC is otherwise cut from the same cloth as just about every microbrew-pub you know, from Santa Barbara to Boston. People line up for pub grub and plan on staying for just one drink—then end up here for hours. The Black IPA, which is basically a stout, has a velvety sweetness to it, but with the crisp finish you’d expect from those last three letters. One doesn’t necessarily come to Paris looking for experiences that feel

 Alexandra Marshall is a contributing editor and the Paris correspondent at Travel & Leisure. As you might expect, there are seasonal beers as well, like the Casque d’Or, with its orangey zip. But on a summer day, as a fresh breeze blows and the rowboats pass by, one could do a lot worse than drop in to the PBC for a cold one, or ten.

There’s also a fantastic local microbrewery, La Brasserie la Goutte d’Or, which has on-site brewing and tastings. Paris is no exception. The city has some lovely bars where you can go to  China Escalators Suppliers tip back a few pints, such as La Fine Mousse in the 11th, and Super Coin on the far side of the Butte Montmartre. Stainless steel tanks are set back from a barn-style room, where sloppy pints and half pints are pulled by friendly tattooed types. Follow her on Twitter and on Instagram.August 13, 2015 Just about everywhere there are discerning drinkers these days, there is a craft beer scene to please them. To reflect the current obsession with hoppy IPAs, there is the bracingly bitter Barge du Canal IPA, which clocks in at 6% alcohol. There are bottles on sale from other local brewers, like Deck & Donohue and La Parisienne, but the home brew and its perfect freshness is really the reason to go


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